This beautiful Amethyst is a very special spiritual crystal. It is a wonderful crystal if you are starting to work with angel energy, past life or spirit guides. It is amazing for those who want to read cards: angel cards or tarot cards or do psychic and intuitive work. This is an amazing crystal to stop reacting to others in anger, it helps you stop being reactive toward people and situations that you have no control over. It helps you deal with jealousy of your own and any upset or anger with others. This crystal helps you to stop reacting in a way that would cause regret by aggressive reaction. This is an amazing crystal for eyes to release stress and tension which occur in stressful situation -that could possibly cause physical problems in the future. You can place this crystal between closed eyes to feel release and be able to deal with things that are challenging to see. 


This crystal helps with raising your intuition, it strengthens you during challenging moments to help you stay balanced.


SKU: LH2000021