This beautiful Amethyst is a powerful crystal to work with for opening third eye and crown chakras. It's a great crystal to connect the heart, mind and soul and raise the vibration. It's a known crystal for higher intuition and connection to spiritual realm. It's a great crystal for creative inspiration. This Amethyst is a perfect crystal to expand or begin your intuitive path. It works in sync with your own spiritual vibration. The more you open spiritually the more this crystal will advance and heighten your awareness. If you put time into meditation and psychic work it will help you strengthen those gifts. It will enhance your meditation; clairvoyance; psychic awareness and spiritual sensitivity. Others will feel your energy and strength and they will want to be in your presence. On a physical level it's a great crystal for helping release tension from hands; fingers and wrist joints. It works well for back of the neck and lower back issues.


SKU: LH2020105