This is a beautiful crystal to help you move forward in life. It helps you shift your focus from heavy and dark energy to see the light. It will help you accept the path of spirituality and is a great conduit to help you feel the spirit world in your presence. It is a wonderful crystal for spiritual connection. Druzy energy is a great uplifting and powerful vibration to help you flow with happiness and abundance. It brings out the strength in you, fueling your courage, confidence and power. It helps you transform your own jealousy, anger and low self esteem. It helps you find your true nature. On a physical level it helps with lower back, spine, kidneys, blood and clearing out toxins. It is a good crystal to help you find relief from sadness; depression; and let go of grief from losing a loved one or a pet. 

Black Onyx With Druzy

SKU: LH2000030