Blue John is an extraordinary beautiful Crystal not only visually but also energetically. It is a powerful healing crystal that works well on the heart; it clears the mind and helps let go of negative energy and low vibration. This crystal works well on inner strength and power. It guides you to step into your own power, to be courageous in pursuing your life's work; and continue to vibrate higher and elevate your own spiritual and emotional vibration. This beautiful crystal is rare and unique. It works on multiple energy layers including throat, third eye and crown chakra as well as sending energy to the other chakras/energy points to help align and balance your life force. It helps clear the mind, speak your truth, focus on what's important and see your inner beauty and power. It is a wonderful crystal to help you see your own gifts and most importantly stimulate you to use them and share them with the world.

Blue John

SKU: LH2020178