This beautiful Bumble Bee crystal brings out the fire and the passion from your soul. It has the lion energy of defiance to ground you and make you strong to believe in your path and existence. This is a warrior crystal, it confirms your power and brings out persistence and help you stay true to your word and your beliefs. This crystal not only enhances your confidence it brings certainty to your life. Every day feels more positive and it helps you stay on purpose. It helps with restlessness; it gives you energy to centre your overactive mind and find balance. It is a great crystal for entrepreneurs and busy-bee-workers. It is great for healers; authors; self help coaches. It is a great crystal for physical endurance. It is great for overactive mind; over achievers; energetic burn out; grieving parents; those suffering from nervous or immune system disorders and lyme disease.


This is a perfect crystal to elevate your strengths and your core power.


Ring Size: 6 3/4 (US & CDN sizing)

Bumble Bee Ring

SKU: LH2000011