Eudialyte is a great healing crystals to help you reconnect to your passions. It will bring out the sophisticated gifts within you and ignite the creativity within. It is a great crystal to work with for writers and creative minds. It transforms the lower vibrations into positivity and lighter energy. It transforms cynical mind and moves beyond ego. It helps you lighten up and no take things too seriously; releasing the pressure of “should have/could have” negative thought patterns. It is a great crystal to connect to your heart; open the energy of love for others; moving away from selfish instincts and be more generous. The more you give the more you receive. This crystal is used to help with healing the toxins and acidity; it is used for healing the liver. It helps with releasing the tension from the head; shoulders and back. Use it as you begin your new conscious breathing exercise. Use it to start journaling. When you receive it’s gifts you can always gift it forward to someone who would benefit from it.


SKU: LH2020074