This is a beautiful powerful ray of light crystal. A real power crystal helping you bring the warrior from within. It is great to help you overcome uncertainty and indecision. It is for those who know deep down that their strength, understanding, intuition and psychic gift is extremely powerful. It helps people who are in a situation of despair or sorrow to see the light at the end of a tunnel. It is great for those who are living with or working with angry or abusive people. It helps you stand up for yourself and to overcome feelings of negativity. This is a wonderful crystal for people who have been abused verbally. It will help you find the answers to overcome any negativity. You will be guided to see your path, direction and answers to questions that you seem to have lost or forgotten. This crystal helps you to become strong in mind, body and spirit. Physically it is great for immune system. It is also wonderful for people who work with the sick: doctors, nurses, carers. It boosts physical energy to support you to become healthy by beginning to exercise. Garden Quartz is amazing for eyes to help you see clearly.

Garden Quartz

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