This beautiful crystal combination is great for healing past trauma of heartbreak. It helps heal the heart and assists you to get stronger. They work together to open you to love yourself more and awaken your inner love and power. They can be good to help you heal from traumatic events. They are great to help release all the shock energy from stored emotions from stomach and heart due to trauma. They are wonderful crystals for anybody who suffers from anger, jealousy and low self esteem. They will help you learn to love yourself and look at yourself and focus on things that are important. They are great for spiritual path and inner work. These beautiful crystals together bring balance to emotional, and spiritual energy. They are positive crystals if you want to open yourself to loving again after being heartbroken. They work well to amplify the feeling of love. They open you to different kinds of love: self love and love of another. It helps heal the heart by bringing calm, peace and hope back into the heart. 

Pink Quartz & Garnet Adjustable Bangle

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