This is a beautiful crystal for spiritual work. It helps you go deeper into the spiritual world. It helps to keep you on the light path and not veer into the dark side of esoteric. It helps you keep away form dark energies or entities. It is amazing for those who hear spirit and want to understand spirit, especially those who are a bit freightenend to make sense of the spirit world. It brings calmness and understanding of the spirituality. This is a great psychic attuning crystal. It helps with healing traumas of psychic world, attacks and psychic emergencies. It helps with healing of the past life traumas, it brings inner peace, allows for flow and acceptance of life. It helps heal painful past friendships that were traumatic or stressful. This crystal helps bring closure to those who lost family members that they had no connection with or had severed relationships with. It might bring about the connection to their spirit. On a physical level this crystal helps with various things i.e. arthritis, bone issues, joints, back pain. You can rub it on the area such as back for about 20-30min to feel the release of pain and tension or wear it on a long string over your back. It releases the pain and helps feel tension relief. This crystal is also great to help deal with bitter and jealous friends and family members. 

Tiffany Stone

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