This beautiful crystal is a very powerful and positive crystal with uplifting energy to help you find your joy and happiness. It will help you reconnect to your inner child and bring back the smile on your face. If you feel like you are in a cocoon and need help to feel like a butterfly to fly free, this is a perfect crystal. It frees you from blocks and helps you feel like anything is possible. This gorgeous Yellow Siberian Quartz is perfect to help heal from depression; it helps you find your purpose and life path. It will enhance your ability to ignite your inner flame and strengthen your psychic and healing abilities. Physically it is great to help ease the tension from shoulders; knees and leg joints. It will help with new projects: business; writing; ideas. This is a "Yes" crystal that will help you be more adventurous and brave.

Siberian Gold Quartz

SKU: LH2000009