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Divine Collection



Divine Collection

Pure Energy Healing Crystals

Exclusively for LEMON HOUSE

Divine Collection of Pure Energy Healing Crystals is extremely unique. These jewellery pieces are not only fashionable they are sacred healing crystals. All of them are hand picked from thousands and blessed with a powerful intention and universal healing energy to heighten and awaken a particular crystal memory within to help you feel their power and help you strengthen and heal yourself. 


Crystals are natural healers.

They have been within our Earth longer than recorded history. Crystals have been prized for their healing energy, mystical power and vibration. They help us access our essence, our natural healing vibration of body, mind and spirit - to maintain the equilibrium and innate state of peace, love and harmony.

How to choose the right Crystal? 

Simply browse through our collections and tune into the power and vibration of the crystal. Let the energy of the crystal draw you in - and when it happens, it means it's meant for you.

MOLDAVITE Collection 


What is Moldavite? 

"Moldavite is one of the most favoured crystals in the realm of spirituality. It is of mossy green colour, translucent in nature and has various textures, similar to a rugged rough looking glass. It is known to be of high energy vibration and frequency that is unlike any other crystal found in nature, perhaps cause it came from another planet. Moldavite has been linked to extraterrestrial energy - and it might not be a surprise as it came from cosmos and landed on Earth about 13-15 million years ago. As the meteorite blazed through space and turned to fire it crashed in modern day Germany making a crater. After the impact, the molten lava, debris and soil material bounced up into thin air and dispersed back onto Earth. Most of it has been found in modern day Czech Republic." 

The Power of Moldavite (New book by Mark Bajerski & Lella Satie Coming Soon © LEMON HOUSE 2020)


Genuine Crystals vs. Man Made

In the age of spiritual awakening and global movement towards living a more balanced life, honouring our spiritual side of the physical, three dimensional body, there are healers, gurus and businesses operating from the heart and with integrity. There are also those taking the opportunity to make a financial gain of this market including Crystal Industry. Many things are made in a factory and sold as "real" or "natural" from foods to crystals. We acquire our products from verified genuine sources and we strive to support small artisans and independent entrepreneurs who are committed to natural, authentic products.


Creating & Curating Consciously Made Gifts

All of our Divine Collection Crystals are genuine crystals. Each crystal is set in sterling silver and is shipped in a beautiful silk pouch, hand made by artisans in Bali. They make great gifts.  

To find out the crystal meanings, healing energy potential and other unique properties click on the crystal and read the description below the image.